7 Ways to Drive Commitment

Commitment is a key driver for performance.  Show your direct reports how much you care and they will show you how they can perform at a higher level.

  1. Care by giving regular positive and constructive feedback. Make it part of your daily communication.
  2. Care about how your direct reports are going to deliver on a project.  Have a conversation and let them talk.
  3. Care about the development of your direct reports. Know their aspirations and support them.
  4. Care by collaborating (involve your direct reports in decision making).
  5. Care by listening to the ideas of your direct reports (even if you don’t agree).
  6. Care to recognize the unique talents of your direct reports.  Everybody has one.
  7. Care enough to recognize your direct reports contribution along the way, not just at the end.

Bottom line, show that you care and you will be rewarded with more committed performers.

With care,